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A highly skilled, robust, professional workforce is essential to providing quality service and supports for persons with disabilities and mental illness.  Low wages and limited access to benefits has resulted in, extremely high turnover in the human service workforce.  This turnover can cause gaps in services, create lack of continuity in care, and interfere with the development of positive relationships between workers and those they support.  We are committed to establishing the human services profession as a viable career path with decent wages, benefits, opportunities for growth and training, and other initiatives to recruit, train and retain a workforce that can provide high quality service and supports.


East Bay Innovations launches career training for its workers

Claire Verbinski has “been working at East Bay Innovations for 11 years as a Community Living Assistant, which is at the bottom of the career ladder. I want to learn more, but I also have a lot to offer with my all years of experience.”

Now Claire can have it both ways, thanks to a landmark $75,000 grant from the Alameda County Workforce Investment Board to provide career advancement training for 30 EBI employees. East Bay Innovations is a San Leandro-based nonprofit agency that assists persons with developmental disabilities to live independent lives. Right after a ceremony on Wednesday to celebrate the award, the workers filled out their ACWIB-required paperwork so that training could start immediately.

The grant is groundbreaking because it marks the first time any of California’s 49 WIB’s has funded an incumbent worker training program in the developmental disabilities (DD) field. Upon completing the 70-hour training, participating EBI service providers will receive a $1 per hour raise immediately as well as strong consideration for promotion into open positions.


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