From East to West Coast, Human Service Workers Come Together to Form their Union


In a win for the workers and the communities they serve, human service workers in Massachusetts and California have voted to form their union with SEIU to have a voice on the job and improve the quality of services they provide.

Following a months-long campaign, more than 100 CLASS service providers will now join SEIU Local 509. This historic win makes CLASS the first unionized affiliate of The Arc in Massachusetts.

“I’ve been an Integrated Day Service Specialist at CLASS for over five years and I love my work,” said Liz Parrilla, a worker who voted. “My co-workers and I know that SEIU Local 509 will stand with us in our fight for fair wages, safer working conditions and a real voice on the job. We’ve united to make our voices heard.”

Over 150 employees of Mission Hope Day Program (MHDP) in northern California have also voted to form their union with SEIU Local 1021. Workers stuck together in the face of MHDP management’s effort to intimidate them with expensive anti-union consultants who tried to convince workers not to vote for their union.

“In the past we have tried to voice our concerns to management but nothing changed, “said Manny Lopez, Mission Hope worker and union supporter. “Coming together and forming a union will help us see the changes we’ve earned.”

MHDP employees are already preparing for the next step when they will sit down with their employer to improve their jobs and ensure their clients receive the quality care they deserve.

Read more on CLASS win in the North Reading Patch here and visit the 509 Local website here.

Read more on the Mission Hope win on the SEIU 1021 Local website here.



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