SEIU Reaffirms Commitment to Olmstead

SEIU is committed to Olmstead and our belief that people with disabilities should be able to live in the least restrictive setting of their choice whenever possible – that’s good for people with disabilities, and good for our communities.

We condemn the use of inflammatory language that reinforces false and inappropriate stereotypes and raises irrational fears instead of educating our communities about issues facing individuals with disabilities and the history of the independent living movement.

SEIU has a strong track record of working together with allies in the disability rights movement to transition individuals with disabilities out of institutions and into community-based settings while valuing both quality services and quality jobs.  We are committed to continuing this work both at the state and national level.

We are also committed to working together with our partners in the disability rights community to continue our work promoting the Guiding Principles For Partnerships with Unions and Emerging Worker Organizations When Individuals Direct Their Own Services and Supports as developed by ADAPT and SEIU in conjunction with other partner organizations.

Finally, we are committed to ensuring that individuals with MH-I/DD have the opportunity to become fully integrated into the communities of their choice. That’s why SEIU passed a resolution in support of the community imperative.


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