Massachusetts Mental Health Coalition Scores Legislative Wins to Restore Services and Improve Safety

In Massachusetts, Mental Health Advocates United had a tremendous end to the 2012 legislative session.

Our partnership with made significant progress restoring past cuts and providing services to those living with a mental illness. The 2013 state budget increases funding for adult and children’s community-based mental health services by more than $16 million.  As a result, more children, adolescents, adults and seniors began the journey to recovery.

Senate Majority Leader Fred Berry insured that a $100,000 will go for the Stephanie Moulton Safety Symposium.  This forum will be a first of its kind in Massachusetts that will be conducted by the DMH annually for direct care community workers. Named for Stephanie Moulton, a mental health counselor from Peabody who was killed in the line of work on January 20th, 2011, this event will focus on improving safety, best  practices, policies and risk management.

Lastly, the mental health budget includes $5.1 million to keep 45 psychiatric beds open at Taunton State Hospital. This is great news since the state is already strained with a lack of available acute care beds across Massachusetts, forcing hospitals to discharge patients going through a mental health crisis.

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