Massachusetts Human Services at Bridgewell Win Better Pay, A Voice on the Job in First Union Contract

After forming a union with SEIU Local 509 last year, direct support staff at Bridgewell just won their first union contract that improves pay and other working conditions and gives staff a voice in important decisions that impact theĀ  people with disabilities who they support every day.

In the largest union victory for human services workers in New England, Bridgewell staff formed a union in May 2001 to address concerns about the quality of services and to win respect for the work they do.

Cantave Pamphile, a direct care worker in Saugus, said they joined with SEIU Local 509 because “we want to make Bridgewell a better provider of services. The union will help us keep staff who are committed to our work.”

SEIU Local 509 represents over 13,000 human service workers in Massachusetts, and is the fastest growing union of human service worker in the state. Since 2009 over 1800 private sector human service workers have voted to unite with SEIU Local 509.

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