Coworkers, family & community allies remember slain mental health provider

Candlelight vigil in Peabody, MA

Coworkers, family members, and community allies held statewide candlelight vigils to remember slain mental health provider Stephanie Moulton on her birthday.  She would have been 26.  Stephanie was killed just over a year ago, allegedly by a mentally ill client in Revere, MA.

Since Stephanie’s tragic death, her family, mental health advocates and coworkers have been working on key legislative initiatives that would improve safety in the mental health system, including “Stephanie’s Law,” which would require Department of Mental Health facilities in Massachusetts to be equipped with panic buttons.

Panic buttons – which would be used to call for help in the event of an emergency – could save lives.

Two-hundred people participated in events across Massachusetts last night honored Stephanie by highlighting the need for immediate implementation of measures to prevent and respond to threats to worker safety in the mental health system.  People from around the country sent messages to Stephanie’s family and some shared their own stories about workplace violence within the mental health system.  Please click here: to send Stephanie’s family a letter of condolence and to share your own story of workplace violence.

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