Pay raises should be on the way for DC workers

Thanks to our hard work, DC government just passed regulations saying it will finally implement the Living Wage law we passed in 2004.

This means group home workers in DC should now make $12.50 an hour according to DC law.

Nathaniel Wallace, NCC

Nathaniel Wallace, NCC

“The victory on the living wage is a good thing for us. People like us deserve a better treatment. What we do is more than a job. Taking care of other people is hard.”
Nathaniel Wallace, NCC

Low wages and limited benefits in this field has led to high turnover of workers, and negatively impacted the quality of services for people with disabilities.  This is a huge victory for DC group home workers and we are especially proud of our role in making this happen.

“The living wage victory is a long overdue victory. I’ve been in this industry for more than 11 years and there is no money or good pay. This is really good.” Violate B. Lee, IDI

Violate B. Lee, IDI

Violate B. Lee, IDI

But our work is not done.

Now we have to hold DC government and DC employers accountable to make sure the Living Wage law becomes a reality in our paychecks.

Join Violate, Nathaniel and the  Living Wage Action Team to find out how you can get involved to win better pay.

Are you a group home worker or someone who provided service and supports to people with disabilities?

Are you receiving the $12.50/hr living wage you deserve?  Tell us about it and share your story.

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