Medicaid vs the Millionaires

Decades ago, the dream of a person with a disability living in their own home, working in the community, or living independently was just that—a dream. Right now, because of funding for services provided under Medicaid, over 8 million people with disabilities have control over their lives, are living and working in the community—and the dream is a reality.

Last month, the House of Representatives voted to shatter the dream for people with disabilities. Representative Ryan’s “Reverse Robin Hood” Budget proposal cuts Medicaid services and supports to people with disabilities in order to pay for tax cuts for corporations and millionaires.
Tell your member of Congress this is unacceptable.

The Ryan plan does nothing to control costs or meet the demand for services and supports–like the home and community based supports. It would force people with disabilities to compete for an ever shrinking pool of money for services with seniors and children and give huge tax breaks to big corporations and millionaires.

Join us and tell your Representative support services and supports for people with disabilities, not tax breaks for corporations and millionaires.

This isn’t just about the budget–it’s about our morals as a country. Do we value ensuring strong Medicaid services that will be there for people with disabilities when they need it? Some members of Congress would have us turn our backs on people with disabilities who depend upon Medicaid as their lifeline.

We’ve got to put the heat on members of Congress to fight this proposal tooth and nail until we have a federal budget that does not inflict harm on those who can least afford it.

Will you contact your member of Congress today
to tell them you support services for people with disabilities, not tax breaks for corporations and millionaires?

Last month’s vote jeopardizes the advancement people with disabilities have made over the last several decades towards dignity, respect and independence.

Contact your member of Congress today
and tell them you support services for people with disabilities, not tax breaks for millionaires and corporations that outsource jobs.

After you have contacted your member of Congress, ask your friends, co-workers, colleagues and others who want to preserve medicaid services to take action.  You can use our online share tool here to send them a quick message or share through facebook.

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