Lynn City Council Backs Bridgewell Workers

Resolution Passed Supporting Right to Organize
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Bridgewell workers attend the Lynn City Council meeting

Fifty people, including Bridgewell employees and Lynn community leaders, flooded the Lynn City Council meeting Tuesday night to call on Bridgewell management to respect the rights of its employees to organize freely!

A resolution introduced by Counselor Peter Capano supporting that right, passed unanimously 10-0. As part of the resolution, the council urged Bridgewell to:

  • Allow their employees to choose freely whether to unionize or not, without intimidation or coercion.
  • Abide by their employees’ decision when a majority indicates that it supports union representation.

Read more about the city council’s decision in an article at The Daily Item of Lynn

A strong majority of Bridgewell employees have made their voices clear: they’re standing together for respect and dignity at work. In the coming weeks, workers at Bridgewell will be voting in a union election to join Local 509.
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Workers at Bridgewell are not alone in their fight for dignity and respect–  Over 4,000 support service providers in Oregon filed for their election earlier this week; earlier this year Over 500 workers at Sullivan and Associates joined SEIU local 509.   Over 250,000 SEIU members are Supporting People,Supporting Communities, helping people with developmental disabilities or mental health needs live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives as part of their community.  Sign Up here to keep up to date on our efforts to prevent funding cuts to vital human services, give consumers more control over their lives, fight for quality services and high quality jobs for those providing services and supports.

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