Envisioning the Future of Developmental Disability Professionals

As we have seen in the past, Developmental Disability service delivery systems are too often developed without the input of those on the front lines providing services and supports. Right now, we have a unique opportunity to change this.

The Federal Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD) is collecting public comment from stakeholders to identify priorities for a 5-year strategic plan. This is our chance to establish the direct support profession as a viable career path with decent wages, benefits, opportunities for growth and training, and other initiatives to recruit, train and retain a workforce that can provide high quality service and supports.

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SEIU members across the country have already spoken out and shared their vision.

“…As a system we must refocus our efforts on services that lead to real jobs in the community. We need to develop and retain well trained and highly motivated job developers and coaches. We need to engage the broader business community in addressing barriers to employment for individuals with developmental disabilities in the community…. We need to move toward reestablishing people providing direct supports to individuals as a profession where training and experience are recognized and rewarded and where an individual is able to earn a living wage and has access to a career path. ”

– David Mulvey MSW, Tri-Counties Regional Center, Member SEIU Local 721

Join David and other SEIU members now and tell ADD where they should focus their energy.

Over 250,000 SEIU members across the country are committed to providing persons with developmental disabilities and mental health needs live fulfilling lives as part of their communities. As the backbone of human service delivery, SEIU members work side by side with disability professionals, advocates and the individuals we serve to preserve and increase needed funding for critical services and advance the most progressive models of service delivery to maximize individual control over their lives – including the supports and treatments they receive.

This is our chance to ensure the ADD makes investing in the developmental disability workforce a priority. ADD will be holding a stakeholder meeting to begin formulating priorities in late January and comments from SEIU members will have an impact on what those priorities are.

Submit your comments online here.

2 Responses to “Envisioning the Future of Developmental Disability Professionals”

  1. Darla Ellis says:

    work in a state prison I have just returned to work for the 2nd time after 2 bouts of lung cancer. I received accomodation from the 1st bout of cancer in being allowed to bring in alcohol based hand sanitizer into the facility. When I returned this time I was denied the accomodation. It is also noticible that management is not keeping the handicapped staff parking area clean from snow and ice as they are for management, handicapped visitor, visitor and other staff parking. At one time disabled staff were allowed to enter the Officer’s Dining Room on their way to their worksite to get fruit and take it to their worksite. A lot of the handicapped staff because of the size of the facility and the distance we have to walk go to their workstation and do not leave it again until their workday is over. This accomodation is not being allowed anymore and shows disparity because others who are not handicapped can walk to the Dining Room on their lunch period and return in the allotted amount of time for lunch.

  2. Darla Ellis says:

    I work in a state prison facility. We are not being accomodated to bring in alcohol based hand sanitizer even with a doctor’s note, handicapped staff parking is not being cleared of ice and snow as other parking spots are and handicapped staff is no longer allowed to go to the Officer’s Dining Room and get fruit prior to the start of our shift accomodating our need to stay at our workstation and not having to make the walk to the Dining room in our alloted lunch period.

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